Mermaid Tails Swimwear For Girls Mermaid Tail Costume

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* Durable and Comfortable - Made from a polyester and cotton blend that's durable, elastic, stretchable and easy to dry. Comes in 8 brilliant patterns with colors that never fade.
* Package included: Topwear *1 + Underwear *1 + Mermaid Tail *1 + Flower Headband (Random Color) *1. Can add Monofin, but NO mono fin included.
* Best Choice - There are 5 style and for 3-14 year old girl US regular age and height to chose.Because the mermaid tail bathing suit is in long style so you can also select for your princess if she is tall or big toddler girls.
* BEST GIFT - Every girl has mermaid princess dream,This is best birthday gifts for little girls and toddler girls who have a mermaid dream and make your mermaid dream come true!Go and have funs in the summer,enjoy the outdoors.


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Review by Rebekah Rivera. Verified Buyer (Posted on 9/11/2019)

Great product!

My daughter loves it! I was terrified for her to wear this in the pool thinking she’d surely drown... NOT SO! She swims like a little fishy in it and she has so much fun using it! Great product!

Review by Jessica. Verified Buyer (Posted on 9/4/2019)

works well

grand daughter loved it she really can swim in that thing definitely for the young

Review by Nicole. Verified Buyer (Posted on 8/20/2019)

Great purchase

My daughter is in love with this mermaid tail. She had been asking for a fin fun mermaid tail forever. Those were so expensive, so we decided to go this route. So far it’s great! I like that you can change out the actual tail without having to buy the mono fin each time. The top piece that covers the chest doesn’t fit as well as I would like, but it will do. Other than that, it’s great.

Review by ribra. Verified Buyer (Posted on 8/9/2019)

Made 5yr old dream come true!

Best thing ever for my mermaid loving 5 year old. She loves to wear it in the tub or just around the living room pretending to be a mermaid. The quality is better than I expected.

Review by Addy. Verified Buyer (Posted on 8/1/2019)

Great find

Love it!!! My daughter didn’t want to take it off!

Review by jesse cardenas. Verified Buyer (Posted on 8/1/2019)

Fits perfectly on my daughter and she loves it

Looks fabulous on my daughter

Review by marion. Verified Buyer (Posted on 7/30/2019)

Love then

My kids absolutely adore these.

Review by Kellie Alexander. Verified Buyer (Posted on 7/28/2019)

Great product all around!

This item was great, especially for the price! My daughter absolutely loved it and has worn it multiple times over the summer. It has held up extremely well, and washes well also. I am thrilled with it!

Review by TaylorC. Verified Buyer (Posted on 7/12/2019)

Daughter loves it!

Got this in the mail yesterday and my daughter has worn it the majority of the day, she loves it!!

Review by Sheryl Berger. Verified Buyer (Posted on 7/7/2019)


Bought this for my granddaughter for her birthday.It was a big hit - she declared it to be her favorite birthday present of all!

Review by Staci D Black. Verified Buyer (Posted on 6/22/2019)


Very happy child to have her own mermaid tail!

Review by Sharon B. Verified Buyer (Posted on 6/17/2019)

Mermaid Granddaughter loves this!

My 3-year old granddaughter absolutely loves this mermaid ensemble and looks so cute in it! Wears well in the water and washes nicely. Beautiful product!

Review by GUN GUY. Verified Buyer (Posted on 6/4/2019)

On time delivery and fine quality. Would recommend to family and friends

Mermaid swimsuit was a birthday gift and my grand daughter loved it and could not be happier.

Review by Nadim Ahmed. Verified Buyer (Posted on 5/16/2019)


Wonderfull. Happy at all the good size! We are happy with it

Review by Tiffiny Appelbaum. Verified Buyer (Posted on 4/29/2019)

Cute and durable

Our daughter loves this and it's holding up really well with all the swimming and machine washing involved. The tail piece is easy enough for our daughter to do it herself. And overall has brought much joy and delight to her. :)

Review by James C.. Verified Buyer (Posted on 4/28/2019)

OMG this is amazing.

OMG this is amazing. We’re on holidays and my daughter is just loving it!! Helps that she’s in a swim club and already knows the dolphin kick. Looks like a really good workout too.

Review by Nashon N.. Verified Buyer (Posted on 4/26/2019)

Great buy

Great item my daughter loved it. We took it with us on vacation.

Review by Addy. Verified Buyer (Posted on 4/25/2019)

Great find

Love it!!! My daughter didn’t want to take it off!

Review by Miguel Vega. Verified Buyer (Posted on 4/22/2019)

Great product

The product has good quality for the price
My daughter and was able to swim with it without much effort
Very satisfied with my purchase

Review by sahar ahmed. Verified Buyer (Posted on 4/21/2019)


Great outfit my daughter likes it so much and enjoy wearing it at the pool

Review by Quanae. Verified Buyer (Posted on 4/14/2019)

Its Beautiful my daughter loved it

we went to Florida for vacation and my daughter was the main attraction at the pool . She loved it and didnt want to take it off

Review by Fernan. Verified Buyer (Posted on 4/14/2019)

My 9 year old loves it.

Perfect for pool party. Mermaid birthday. It fit as shown in the chart.

Review by Cindy. Verified Buyer (Posted on 3/19/2019)


Very cute my granddaughter loved it!!

Review by Jacalyn Gooch. Verified Buyer (Posted on 3/2/2019)

My baby girl loves it in the tub.

Baby girl loves it in the tub. It fits her perfectly. It looks so adorable on her. The fabric is thick and durable, it is much nicer than I expected.

Review by Amy VanHolstyn. Verified Buyer (Posted on 3/2/2019)

My daughter is so happy.

came fast. My daughter is so happy.

Review by Mr&Mrs Tutt. Verified Buyer (Posted on 3/1/2019)

Beautiful and very colorful too.

This fit my daughter amazingly and is absolutely adorable on her.

Review by Kelly Erskin. Verified Buyer (Posted on 2/26/2019)

Great product at a great value!

This is one of the cutest swimsuits ever! I purchased the bodyglove mono fin with the silicone tips and it fits perfectly.

Review by Robyn. Verified Buyer (Posted on 2/26/2019)

Bonus points for dad

I got this for my daughter because she is obsessed with unicorns and mermaids. She absolutely loves it and wears it all the time.

Review by gm8. Verified Buyer (Posted on 2/22/2019)

Deserves 10 stars

This totally exceeded my expectations! Great price and fabric is actual swimsuit material, which is a pleasant surprise. My daughter loves this and the color. Very pleased!

Review by spikeysmomma. Verified Buyer (Posted on 2/17/2019)

Great Fin!!!

Love this! We purchased this set mainly for the fin. The fin stays on while swimming and the shiny fabric tail is very pretty!

Review by Michela Morellato. Verified Buyer (Posted on 2/14/2019)

Magnificent Mermaid

Fits like expected!! She ❤️s it!! Friends loved it, too.

Review by kg1205. Verified Buyer (Posted on 2/7/2019)

Happy Niece!

The mermaid tail was just what was requested by our niece

Review by Krystal Stone. Verified Buyer (Posted on 1/13/2019)

The quality of the fabric and construction far exceeded my expectations!

This fit my daughter PERFECTLY! The quality of the fabric and construction far exceeded my expectations at this price point. And the zipper to add on the fin at a later date is such a nice touch! Thank you for this great product! We expect to get many swim sessions out of it!

Review by CKohl. Verified Buyer (Posted on 1/4/2019)

Super cute

Adorable! Got for my niece and she loved it!

Review by WELLINGTON PINA. Verified Buyer (Posted on 1/3/2019)


Love love love!! Fast shipping as always and true to size. We used it as a photo shoot outfit and looked amazing!

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