Returns and Exchanges

A. Return: Please contact our customer service department immediately ([email protected])

a. Customers can apply for a return within three days after receiving the goods.

b. Return method: First contact the customer service department ([email protected]) and provide your order number. Can only be returned after being reviewed by the customer service department. If you return the goods directly without contacting us, we will not accept them.

c. Returns and exchanges instructions:

If there is any quality problem with the goods received: Please take a photo of the product and send it to us by email. We do not accept returns and exchanges for product quality problems caused by vandalism.

If the product received is wrong in quantity, size or style: please contact customer service to provide a photo certificate. We will check with the logistics department and the transportation company. After verification, we will reissue a product for you or refund the money of this product. If the customer chooses the wrong size, style, or quantity, I am sorry, we are unable to provide you with compensation.

If we receive the goods within the promised shipping period, we will not accept refunds for returns based on logistics issues. Shipping time does not include the time to process the order.


B. Cancellation of order: Can only cancel the order within 48 hours. Please contact our customer service department ([email protected]) immediately.

a. If it has been more than 24 hours since the customer placed the order, we will deduct 20% of the order fee. Because we usually ship the goods within 48 hours, canceling the order will cause us to lose the packing and shipping costs.

b. If it has been more than 48 hours since the customer placed the order, I am sorry that we cannot cancel the order for you. Because the goods have been shipped away.


Customer Service Department Contact: [email protected]