A. When you add the product to the shopping cart, click on checkout, you will go to the ONE STEP CHECKOUT page.
Here you can choose the shipping method.

  We offer 2 shipping methods. Freight is calculated based on the number of items.
• Express Shipping: 5-7 business days-$ 20
• Economy Shipping: 7-10 business days-$ 15

(Special attention: There are no additional charges other than the increased shipping costs that may be required in some remote areas. Please choose the appropriate transportation method according to your needs)

B. Please fill in the right customer information when ordering: name, phone number, delivery address, otherwise it will affect your receipt. (Special attention: please do not leave the P.O. BOX address. P.O.BOX address, no matter what price you pay for the transportation method, can only be sent with the slowest transport, it takes about 15 days, please fill in carefully)

C. Track logistics information. Contact our customer service ([email protected]), ask for the logistics number based on your order number, and then our customer service department can help you with the logistics information. You can also self-check according to the logistics number after our customer service provides you with the logistics number.
Tracking URL:


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